Writing Life, Real and Imagined


The Call.

I summon you, sha-
men and women, wordsmiths and
know it alls, [you know
who you are, don’t you?]
Come and tell me everything
plainly, in words we
both can understand.
Leave your posturing at home,
please. I am tired
and patience has fled
[screaming, hands over her ears].
Let us speak, kindly,
and tell what is in
our hearts – for it’s only there
that truth lies. I think.

Silence, two ways.

you can’t even tell
i think,
as it wraps you up
(the quiet)
pulls you
’til you’re far away
and then
caught and undertowed
you’re so
peacefully floating
(you don’t even know)
you’re gone.
you’re gone.
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